Do you ship your products?

Generally speaking, we do not ship. For the last 5 years, all of our products have been available for pick up at cash and carry wholesale shows in Madison WI, and Columbus OH. We also have many customers who pick up at our shop.

Do you make custom pieces for the wholesale business?

With enough lead time, custom pieces can be made. Depending on the time of the year, we will need as little as 3 weeks, clear up to as long as 5 weeks. We would need either a picture or a good description of the items, along with dimensions to get started. Just call us 217.728.2725 and we will see what we can do for you.

What shows do you attend?

We attend Market Square Midwest @ Madison in the months of January, June, & September. We attend Offingers @ Columbus in the months of March & August.

Can I preorder before a show?

Preordering is welcomed & encouraged. Looking through the site and ordering before you attend the show benefits you and us. By preordering, you are going to be able to purchase the products you want in the colors you want without standing in line and waiting. We will have your order sitting in the trailers with your name on it. Simply come by the booth, pay for your order, and one of the guys will go with you to the trailers and help you load up.

How do I obtain my password for the Wholesale Price List.

You need to either call the store @ 217-728-2725 or subscribe to our newsletter. If you subscribe to our newsletter, it may take a day or so to get your password. Be sure to include your business name, contact name, and phone #. If you want it faster you need to call the store at the above phone #. Your password will be sent to you by e-mail.

Why am I not receiving e-mails.

If you have added your e-mail address to receive our newsletter and are not receiving any e-mails: you or I may have put in a wrong e-mail address or your e-mails are going to your junk e-mail. If they are going to your junk e-mail, just click on the e-mail and then click to add as safe mail. If they are not in your junk e-mail, then you may need to contact the store and have your e-mail address checked to see if it was entered correctly.